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Hear what customers and friends are saying about my work:

  • "Lennart has never ceased to surprise or impress me with his work, both technically and creatively when I need guidance. He knows when to step in and is amazing."

  • When I started working with Lennart I had no clue he was mixing my music on the other side of the world. I though he was a local guy but he was in Germany. Having great distance between us, you would think it would be hard to work together but it was just the opposite. We worked through emails and he understood my musical language precisely. It was fairly easy because Lennart is a real pro and makes the artist feel comfortable. I trust him with my musical babies. And we continuously work today.

  • After hearing Lennart's amazing clarity in his mixing work, I enlisted him to mix a song for a new major label client that I was hoping to impress with a solid mix that I could then master to completion. Lennart did such an amazing job with the mix on on this first song, that he got hired to mix (and I got hired to master) four more songs for this artist. Thanks to Lennart's incredible work, we won this new client for life. I'm excited to work more with Lennart for many years to come.

  • Lennart is a great guy and very easy to work with, his insights on my mixes greatly improved them, a crucial last step in bringing a song to life. Work with him and you will not be disappointed.